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trust and business
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Since 2017

IronHide has become an established auto body shop in Aberdeen North East of Scotland since opening its doors in 2017. Not only are we auto body repair and paintwork specialist, but we are also very passionate about our work.

We understand the importance of your vehicle as a means of getting around, therefore we work hard to get your vehicle back to its prior condition and on the road as quickly as possible.

Learn a little bit more about us by checking the links you see throughout our website.  We look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust and business.

Our services
Ironhide pledge At IronHide we base all of our actions on the pursuit of excellence and principles of justice. It is our aim to deserve the trust of our customers and our community at large. We vow to always treat anyone that we come into contact with in a manner that is fair and based on good values. If anyone feels that we have failed in our commitment in anyway and gets in touch to highlight it, we will consider the feedback in an unbiased way. We will always keep in mind the importance of customer feedback, because this is how we grow. This is the IronHide way of doing business.

the team

At IronHide we aim for excellence in everything we do. It takes constant learning and to be honest a lot of hard work. It helps that we have a team that work extremely well together and push each other forward. Since you will trust us with what may be your second largest investment, it is very important that you know who we are

Often heard saying

Yes we can do that, get me a (required tool).

Audrius Pasvenskas

The Guru. Master of paint and all else.

Audrius started working with cars when he was just 15 years old along with his uncles in a small garage in the back of his mother's house. That was 32 years ago and since then he has worked in a variety of other auto body repair and mechanical establishments honing his skills and gaining experience. Although he doesn’t walk around advertising his knowledge, if we are stuck on how to do something, Audrius is usually the go to guy.

Harold Pasvenskas

The drill sergeant. Master of operations.

Harold has a work drive like no other. Due to his military school background he is very disciplined and organised. He came up with the idea of starting IronHide. Along with the help of Audrius, they got the necessary certification and approvals and opened the auto body shop in 2017.

Often heard saying

If we are talking we are not working.

Often heard saying

How can we make this more efficient?

Gregory Mejias

The admin guy. Master of systems.

Greg likes to develop systems. He started with the company in 2018 to do just that. He is working to develop, improve and maintain our systems to ensure the customer experience at IronHide is no accident.

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